tagged from cik miera farhana...

1) have you ever think that you want to be married to someone(not ur bf) n why?

tu smua kn terpulang pd jodoh.... klu ader, ader la kn? =)

2) holiday to you means?

rest without limits

3) have you ever hoping to receive a love letter inside your textbook?

hoping love letter dlm text book tk pnh, tp hoping bunga ros ats meja slalu la.. demand tk? ;p

4) have you ever back stab your bffs?

setau sy tk pnh, tp tktau la klu bff sy rse ader.

5) are you excited to watch princess protection program at disney channel?

excted gler!!

6) people always call you


7) do you love art?

bleh tahan la... sbb sy tkde bakat. ;p

8) describe naughty things that u did when you are in high school

bnyk gler kowt... haha. tk mampu nk senaraikan.

9) do you lead a pathetic life?

nope la. so far, i love my life. people around me never let me being pathetic.

10) 10 people you wat to tag?
jeng. jeng. jeng.

ain qaseh
azizan hariz
dzulaikha munir
ain kay
umairah khalid
lis sis shieda

*but sy fhm klu kamu smua bz... sy pon amik mser almost 1 week tuk wt tagged ni.

p/s: sowi miera coz br ader mser na wt.....


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